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Comic for Monday 09/26/16

Comic for 09/26/16

This chapter has nothing to do with Vampires but Anywho Vampire Ref (fourth sect is important): Riff off to Alaska | Riff on Alaska | Random Alaska Ref | Arminius Vambrey (First) (+Riff) (Last Mentioned).
More Important Ref: XT-34 Inflatable Spacecraft. (more detailed Ref tomorrow)

Comic for Tuesday 09/27/16

Comic for 09/27/16

Apologies for this extra short comic! Torg Spaceship Ref: XT-33 (deflated /inflated) | Rammer’s Bag of Parting Gifts | XT-34 in digbot territory.

Izzy: I Care.

Comic for Wednesday 09/28/16

Comic for 09/28/16

Comic for Thursday 09/29/16

Comic for 09/29/16

Ref: Riff Freaks Out? | The News Story (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) | The Call.

Comic for Friday 09/30/16

Comic for 09/30/16

Ref: Call 2.